Red Funnel East & West Cowes

red funnels red falcon ferry in southampton water

At ASAP Taxis we are based just a stones throw from the Red Funnel terminal in East Cowes and we also operate from West Cowes.

This puts us in an ideal location for providing taxis or private hire if you are travelling on either the car ferry or the Red Jet from Southampton.

If you call us as soon as you board either ferry then that will give us approximately an hour East Cowes side or aprox 20 minutes if you are travelling on the Red Jet to arrange a pick up for you once you arrives at either of the islands terminals.

Alternativly you can always call us in advance and book your cab if know the exact date and time of your intended arrival.

We supply 1 to 8 seater wheelchair accessible and pet friendly taxis.

You can pay the driver with cash or card or use contactless card or device ie; Google, Apple or Samsung Pay. More info here.

To see examples of our prices and fares click here.

Red Funnel Website

Red Funnel Website